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USA is controlled by The Jesuits and Vatican Knighthoods

USA is controlled by The Jesuits and Vatican Knighthoods


See who runs USA:


Jesuits & Vatican Knighthoods control all aspects of The NWO

Published on May 5, 2012 by WeAreONEbigFamily

The Rockefellers are part of the Commitee of 300 and knighted into The Vatican Knighthoods who are Jesuit controlled , The Jesuit control ALL Freemasonry because they created it ALL , The Jesuits are The Revived Knight Templars.

Almost everything what is said in this video has already come to pass , see for yourselfs…….

Why Nobody Can Trust The Mainstream Media (911,Iran,GulfOilSpill,etc etc)

The Federal Reserve 1913 created by Rome – IRS exposed.

911 Truth Iraqi Holocaust 1.2 million people murdered for Oil , Recources and provoking armaggeddon

Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law ,USA Civil Liberties Are Being Taken Away Due to the 911 LIES



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The Jesuit Order &The Counter Reformation (Full Length)

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Learn the history of the Roman Catholic Church and their militia the Jesuit Order not taught in school textbooks.


The Jesuits of Today are The Revived Knights Templars !!

Published on May 5, 2012 by WeAreONEbigFamily

and that’s The TRUTH , they control all the Vatican Knighthoods and even pick the Pope. They also control The Masonic Zionists and Masonic Muslims and all other Masons involved in The NWO Agenda
and They are NOT Jewish , they HATE The Jews just as they HATE true Christians and true Muslims , they HATE everything that is from GOD , don’t ask me why but if we look at their fruits this has to be the case.

They created all Freemasonry , Religions , Cults , Doctrines and Secret societies , It looks like History is destined to repeat itself , The Jesuit worked at least a century very hard to achieve this.

Full Film Here:

The Knights Templars Leader Jacques de Molay was killed in 1314 by The Vatican in France because he treathened to take over The Vatican , The Knights Hospitallers took their wealth , Occult Knowledge and Power & Wealth, When The Jesuits where founded in 1534 they took over under Aragon Templarism , The Jesuits , Papal Bloodlines and Vatican knighthoods control it all today although it may look like The (Papal) Jews run it all but this has everything to do with The Creation of The Bavarian Illuminati which was created by and For The Jesuits (Revived Knights Templars) because they where being banned in more then 80 countries and lost their power , The Bavarian Illuminati was for them a way to keep in Power and most people would end up blaming The Jews for everything , which is exactly what The Jesuits want and is happening…….especially by most researchers after 911


Timeline: From Templars to Jesuits

The Jesuit Order´s Knights Templar Origins

Alumbrados Jesuit Illuminati Connections

Watch this:
Roman Empire Rules Today Pt 3 (Full Length)


Fasces How USA is Connected To The Roman Empire, EU = New Babylon

Before you watch these series , be aware that these people that make these video’s NEVER mention the JESUITS !!!!!
That’s very suspicious because the Jesuits Control The whole Damned Thing! Can you see now that we are dealing with information suppressors? That’s the same as manipulating !!!!!
But still a good watch , just keep in your mind that the Jesuits control it all and even designed it for the most part, very important to do so !
Here I advise you to watch this video first before watching the series below.

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Roman Empire Rules Today Pt 1 (Full Length)
Roman Empire Rules Today Pt 2 (Full Length)
Roman Empire Rules Today Pt 3 (Full Length)



911 The Black Pope & The Masonic Zionist. (Fascist NWO)


Jesuits created Zionism based on Futurism

Zionism was invented in Rome by Francisco Ribera and Manuel Lacunza. This false “alternative” biblical view was later sold by Edward Irving. Almost all “Protestant” churches now teach this Jesuit view, foresaking Reformation theology. They needed an “alternative” to get peoples eyes off the Roman Papacy that the Protestants identified as the 1st Beast of Rev. 13. Romes “Mark” is Sun-day worship, even they admit it.

Moses Hess must have studied Futurism , Karl Marx was a student of Moses Hess and he founded Communism !!!! Therefor i can safely say these two Jews where Crypto Jews that means they where converted to Catholicism.

the Blue Mass – Vatican Control of the USA Police Force

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About the the Founder of the knights of Columbus

Michael J. McGivney was trained by Jesuits in Canada at the Order’s St. Mary’s College in Montreal.

I just found this page that says McGivney desired to become a Jesuit.

-Brother Nick Rivera

For the coming Vatican inquisition in the United States the Knights of Columbus’s Police force will play an instrumental role. The Blue Mass is the banner they organize under and gain strength in the Police officer’s dedication to their K of C leaders.

The Knights of Columbus Is a Catholic Men’s organization founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, in New Haven, Connecticut. Today, more than a century later, the Knights of Columbus has become the largest lay organization in the Catholic Church (Est. 1.6 Million Members).

Jack T. Chick tells us the following about the Knights of Columbus in his 1983 book Smokescreens: “The legions of Rome are awesome. More than one million practicing Catholics make up the ranks of the Knights of Columbus. They are fraternally pledged to the ideal of bringing America under papal rule. They are powerful, wealthy, [and] loyal.”

Jack Chick asking Alberto Rivera a question:

“Then I said: Will the Knights of Columbus play a vital part in the attack against the Christians when the U.S. falls?”

Dr. Rivera said: “Oh, yes. In fact, in their oath, you can see how close their alliance is to the pope. They committed themselves to be killed or destroyed if they fail to comply with their oath. They ask the militia of the pope, the Jesuits, to put them to death. They are committed to make America Catholic.”

(Read the rest Chapter Eleven: Blueprint For Catholic America)

The Knights of Columbus are more dedicated and powerful than many people realize. Jeb Bush is a knight of Columbus as is Associate Justice for the Supreme Court Samual Alito, Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington, DC who performed the liturgy during the infamous Red Mass and William Joseph Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. (Formerly The Office of Inquisition)

Recently, I did a search on the Catholic Church in the area where I grew up and saw that they had a newly formed K of C. I then did a simple search on the Grand Knight and it rendered suprising results. It turned out that he was a very high up officer in THE Federal Reserve Bank in NYC.

So the Catholic Church/Vatican have proven themselves to be the entity behind fascism. And the K of C are considered the right arm of the Catholic Church in America. Therefore the K of C is the right arm of fascism in America and we can see this by the actions of the police force. Below are two very recent videos showing what I mean. And this is just the beginning unfortunately.

the Red Mass – Vatican Control of the USA Supreme Courts

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Gonzales Questions Habeas Corpus
By Robert Parry 19 Jan 2007 In one of the most chilling public statements ever made by a U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales questioned whether the U.S. Constitution grants habeas corpus rights of a fair trial to every American.

Military tribunals
In Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, Chief Justice John Roberts was part of a unanimous panel overturning the district court
ruling and upholding military tribunals set up by the Bush administration for trying
terrorism suspects known as enemy combatants.
Circuit Judge A. Raymond Randolph, writing for the court, ruled that Hamdan, a driver for
al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, [12] could be tried by a military court because: 1. the military commission had the approval of Congress;
2. the Third Geneva Convention is a treaty between nations and as such it does not confer individual rights and remedies enforceable in U.S. courts;
3. even if the Convention could be enforced in U.S. courts, it would not be of assistance to Hamdan at the time because, for a conflict such as the war against al-Qaeda (considered by the court as a separate war from that against Afghanistan itself) that is not between two countries, it guarantees only a certain standard of judicial procedure without speaking to the jurisdiction in which the prisoner must be tried.

The court held open the possibility of judicial review of the results of the military commission after the current proceedings have ended. [13] This decision was overturned on June 29, 2006 by the Supreme Court in a 5-3 decision, with Roberts not participating due to his prior ruling
as a circuit judge.

(R) Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at “Red Mass” brunch. Undergrad: College of the Holy Cross Law School: Yale Law School in 1974.

Antonin Scalia at “Red Mass” brunch. Schools: Xavier High School, Undergrad Georgetown University, 1st in his class, and Summa cum laude at Harvard Law School.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin
Scalia (CAS ’57) speaks about the importance
of protecting Jesuit and Catholic identity at Georgetown on Monday.

(Peter Pace) is a 1992 graduate of the Georgetown Leadership Seminar of
the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

The Jesuits coincidently end up teaching The United States military leaders.

1.) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , Peter Pace. Trained at Georgetown University http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Pace

2.) Commander of Multinational Force Iraq, David Howell Petraeus Trained at Georgetown University http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_H._Petraeus

3.) United States Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates Trained at Georgetown University

4.) former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR),General James Jones Trained at Georgtown University. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_L._Jones

5.) former United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Henry Rumsfeld
Trained at Georgtown University. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Rumsfeld

6.) Current Chief of Staff of the United States Army and former Commander
of Multinational Forces in Iraq, George Casey Trained at Georgetown University

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