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Vicious Zionist Jew Women’s Humiliation Attack



 Geena Exposed the 7 Zionist JEW Witches !

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: hair dresser <hair_dresser@yahoo.com>                                                                                                                                                                    To: Jew Creamer <humiliatejewgirls@.com>                                                                                                                                                                       Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 9:22 AM  
Subject: Re: The messages you got from the Jew gang

Hi JC,

It’s good to hear from you. Yes, I have been receiving messages from a masked e-mail address that can’t be traced back. Here was part of what was in a recent message I got:

Listen, you Palestinian loving goyim, if you don’t want that lovely long mop of gentile hair you are so proud of forcibly shampooed with shaving cream again, you better pay attention to what we are telling you! Remember how a group of us women completely humiliated you and you took your creamy scrubbing punishment with little resistance? Do you remember getting the cream rubbed in your face and shoved in your mouth while we shampooed you? Remember the photos we took and made you pose with your creamed mop? Do you remember begging us not to shave your head bald?

Well you better remember it and stop supporting that Chinese bitch Sunflower Chong and her ridiculous lying blogs! If we could get to her, her Chinese head would be shaved bald and she would be publicly humiliated enough to retract her lies about Zionist Jews! But since that is difficult for now, maybe we should give you and Geena a nice Jewish head creaming shampoo and perhaps humiliate both of you with a bald look?!…there is nothing like people in a salon seeing their hairdresser with his or her head shaved and publicly humiliated!

Jewish women are superior to all of you….you do remember Geena having to take that second creaming, don’t you? That Malaysian bitch surrendered quite nicely when we threatened her with a forced head shave! She has begged us not to punish her again, but that damn Palestinian Petition has got to end!

Please let Sunflower know that I have not backed away from supporting her cause, but it is important that she not print this in her blogs because Geena could get surprised by the Jew Bitches. And I don’t think Sunflower even knows about Geena’s second creaming…Annie does know.

Hope all is well for you,

Because of this Petition http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/call-for-support-for-a-palestinian-state.html, two of my friends Steve and Geena from America were attacked by 7 fierce Jewish women because they supported the petition and Steve said, “I am not at all surprised by the article …it is getting impossible   http://www.commondreams.org/headlines01/0309-02.htm (and has been for quite a long time) to criticize Israel or the Jews….you are immediately labelled anti-Semitic (their favourite term to throw around) or they take action against you, like my head creaming humiliation by the women.”

They were told that if they didn’t stop promoting the petition, worse would happen to them and the Jewish women threatened to shave their heads bald. These types of humiliation tactics and intimidation are an example of why I am promoting a fairer view for the Palestinians and a more realistic view of the bullying tactics of the Jews.  In short, I cannot stomach this kind of intimidation in this time and age. Thus, I must  continue to fight for  Fairness and Justice for the Palestinian people and so must all of you who CARE!



On Saturday, March 29, 2014 10:48 PM, hair dresser <hair_dresser97@com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I am confessing my humiliating experience at the hands of the Zionist Jew Bitches to you in support of the cause and not to try to salvage my dignity by avoiding admitting I was humiliated by the Jew Women’s Gang. So here is the story:

When Geena and I were told by you, dear Sunflower, of the petition http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/call-for-support-for-a-palestinian-state.html you had started to stop the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza by the evil Israeli Zionist Jews and to grant the Palestinians their rightful Homeland which the Jews have been stealing inch by inch without being stopped by international intervention.

We both decided to sign the petition and also started telling ladies at the salon about it. We encouraged those women that agreed with your view to sign the petition. We never knew if we had a Jew woman coming to the salon, but we must have because soon after we started talking about your petition, I got a call at the salon.

The woman that called identified herself as a Jew and told me we better stop talking about the Palestinian Petition or Geena and I would be sorry. I told that bitch that she “should go screw herself!” and hung up. She called again later when Geena picked up and she told Geena there was a whole group of Jewish women who would teach us a lesson if we didn’t stop what we were doing. Geena gave her pretty much the same answer I did.

Two nights later, my doorbell rang, and when I answered the door, a woman standing in front of a group of them, shoved what turned out to be a shaving cream pie in my face. She said, “Time to take your punishment, Goyim!” I couldn’t see anything and the women grabbed me by my long hair, and bent me forward and yanked hard to pull me into the room and sat me down hard on a chair.

The Jew woman leader said, “OK, ladies, lets give this Palestinian lover a good Zionist Shampoo!” Then, at least 4 or 5 cans of shaving creamed were pushed deep in my beautiful long hair and they were loading my hair with the shaving cream. When I tried to clear my eyes, the woman standing in front of me would shove a handful of cream in my face and rub it in so I couldn’t see. When I tried to protest the creaming, she shoved a handful of cream into my mouth. She kept that up during the entire time they put the cream in my hair.

She said, “We heard you are very proud of that mop of hair, darling, so we thought you might like a Jew Shampoo”, and then they all laughed. One of the Jews said, “OK, girls, let’s give this long haired lady a good scrubbing!”. And I felt at least 8 hands shampooing my hair and giving me a rough scrubbing while they laughed at my humiliation! I was moaning while still getting my face pied by the leader (I think she was the leader). My mouth was full of shaving cream and I couldn’t see anything, I felt completely helpless.

She said, “Are you going to stop talking about that stupid Chinese bitch’s petition, or would you like us to shave your head bald right now?”…..I said through the cream in my mouth, “Please, not my hair, don’t shave my head, please!”. They laughed and taunted me, calling me “Miss Shampoo Head” and “Goyim Cream Head”. I stopped even trying to resist and am ashamed to say I just surrendered and willingly let them give me their humiliating Jew Shampoo! After getting my head creamed for what seemed like forever, I said, “I surrender, I won’t talk about the petition any more, please.”

She said, “Well, Miss Shampoo Head, do you retract your support of that bitch’s petition, and agree that Israel is the rightful owner of the land?”. I was so humiliated and worried about my long hair, I am ashamed to say that I whimpered my answer, “Yes, I retract my support and surrender to you”. She said, “Do you agree that you deserve this humiliation from us?”, and I said, “Yes, I deserve this humiliation”. They laughed hysterically, and she said, “OK, ladies it looks like Miss Shampoo Head is learning her lesson, so let’s make sure we get the Goyim Cream Head to pose for some pictures with us!”. She added, “We can make sure his lady customers see what his long hair looks after a Zionist Jew Shampoo!”.

She finally let me clear my eyes, but forced me to take another mouthful of cream. Then, they laughed as they took pictures of my creamed head. When they were done, “She said we will be back in a few hours and if we don’t find you with your Goyim head fully creamed just as you are now, you are going to get that long, feminine hair shaved off completely bald!”. I was so thoroughly humiliated and mortified that these Jew women had dominated me so easily and taken my dignity away by creaming my head, I agreed to stay creamed until they gave me permission to rinse the cream off.

And so I did….they had forced me to sit there with my long hair full of shaving cream and my face coated with cream and having to think about how thoroughly they had humiliated me, dominated me, and forced me to surrender to them and retract what I believed. It was the perfect plan to make me never forget how completely they had embarrassed me. I stayed with my head full of cream until they rang my doorbell, and I dreaded showing them they had won by opening the door with a creamed head.

But I opened the door, and the same Zionist Jew woman leader shoved a shaving cream pie in my face and said, “OK, Goyim Cream Head, you have our permission to take the cream out!”. Then as they laughed while I stood there with my face full of cream as I took the pie pan off my face, one lady said, “I bet you won’t forget getting a Jew Shampoo of that long girlish hair, will you, Miss Shampoo Head?” Then they walked away as they laughed and said things like, “What a Goyim!” and “That was such fun teaching that idiot a lesson in Jewish superiority!”.

I admit that all that I have written is true and I confess this to Sunflower Chong.

A Humiliated Hairdresser


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