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War With Iran! Are You Kidding Me? Says Dennis Kucinich

War With Iran! Are You Kidding Me? Says Dennis Kucinich

Uploaded by StoptheWarCoalition on Dec 10, 2011

Don’t we have enough wars that we’re fighting in the United States? Do we need another war? Did I miss something that we somehow ran out of wars? ask US Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

We cannot pretend that the United States is in a position where we can, or have the right, or have the money, to rule the world.

We have enough time taking care of things back here at home, where we have 50 million people without healthcare, 40 million people who are out of work, millions of people who are losing their homes, and we’re going to tell the Iranians how to run their country! Are you kidding me!

What CNN doesn’t want you to see again!

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Pretty interesting rep. Kudos o those that give themselves
for the people.

We Want Bush Impeached, We Support the Kucinich Resolution.

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We Want Bush Impeached, We Support the Kucinich Resolution. See video:

From http://www.democrats.com/kucinich-introduces-35-articles-of-impeachment-again…
Support Rep. Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment
What you can do:

Email your Representatives to support
Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment

Call your Rep. at

Call your favorite talk shows and tell
everyone who supports impeachment to
sign the petition at Democrats.com

See video: Tell Congress that Bush and Israel Have No Legal Justification to Attack Iran

SEE Kucinich Reads Resolution to Impeach Vice President Cheney

Call John Conyers and call Nancy Pelosi and tell her to uphold the law and allow impeachment proceeds to begin! http://votenader.org

Nancy – By not pursuing impeachment hearings against George W. Bush you are a complicit enabler of this illegal regime, and you are a disgrace to the American people and the Constitution of the United States. Honor your Oath to the Constitution! – from comment http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/bush#comment-191520

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