I have lived my life in pursuit of lofty goals. My journey has been one of hardship, frustration and challenge, but it has been a journey worth making because there have also been some joyous accomplishments along the way. Sharing My Vision of Architecture

My dreams and ambitions have always been filled with optimism and spirituality. I dreamed of promoting world peace and harmony through my creation of World Harmony Day. I dreamed of bringing people together with a goal of recognizing our common humanity and spiritual love.

Imagine my dismay when I learned of the treachery of the Zionist Jews. Imagine my shock when I learned of their tactics of intimidation using public humiliation creamings of people who supported my petition for Palestinian recognition and a Palestinian State. Imagine my disgust when these American Zionist Bitches threatened my friends and myself. They called me a “Chinese Cunt” when I voluntarily took a head creaming in solidarity with my friends and supporters and the Palestinian people and showed many people their despicable Zionist bullying tactics.

I have always tried a spiritual approach when raising awareness and promoting harmony and harmonious nations on this one world of ours. I have never taken the route of the Zionist Jews who intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view. The name calling and threats and the impact of the public humiliation that my friends and supporters went through convinced me to draw back the curtain on the intimidation tactics of these Zionist Jew Bitches despite their threats not to repeat the creamings.
So, when they told one of my friends they had humiliated with shaving cream that she better convince the Chinese Cunt to never repeat getting creamed, I was energized to repeat the creamings again and again! They called me a Chinese Cunt, so in the video of my second creaming, I called them, “Chow Chi Bai” which means they are a bunch of Jewish “Smelly Cunts”! I think the term describes them perfectly.

I will continue to allow myself to be humiliated with creamings to expose the Zionist Bitches’ intimidation tactics. And I will continue to be creamed until the Palestinians are free and have been granted their own state and land. I will continue to broadcast the need for world leaders to fight for Palestine through my petition that the Zionists continue to block our supporters from signing:  http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/call-for-support-for-a-palestinian-state.html And I will bravely sacrifice my vanity by getting creamed as many times as it takes to achieve a free Palestine and the Palestinians’ freedom from oppression and tyranny by Zionist Israel!



Due to the delay the Zionist Bitches believed that I have backed away from my commitment to my cause…. now they will be very disappointed because it is far from the truth! In fact we will not STOP!! The 7 American Zionist Bitches thought that they have won and I Sunflower Chong Sun Wah has surrendered to them. The American Jews are assuming that Geena helped convince me not to do the second creaming….what a joke! Theses stupid Zionist Bitches do not know who they are dealing with and for your information, Jew Bitches, my second name is NEVER GIVE UP!

Fw: Tell the slut to back off
On Saturday, July 5, 2014 10:00 AM, Geena <geena@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower and Annie,

I just received this e-mail from the Zionist Bitches. Sunflower, I thought it was important that you know about this because of your blogs and your sacred mission, but PLEASE, PLEASE do not publish or use this in your blogs or anywhere on the internet. These horrible, vile bitches will for sure carry out their threat and shave my head, and as a salon owner, I could not take that kind of public humiliation happening. I am trusting you both to keep this between us, dear Sunflower and Annie. We can discuss as much as either of you want, but please don’t talk about it to any of the rest of our team. I still support you, Sunflower, and the Palestinian cause.

I love you both,

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Goyim Punishment Team <GoyimPunishmentTeam@yahoo.com>
To: “geena@yahoo.com” <geena@yahoo.com
Sent: Friday, July 4, 2014 5:23 PM
Subject: Tell the slut to back off

Geena, you Chinese slant eyed slut, why haven’t you convinced that bitch, Idiot Chong, to back off on her blog and the creaming idiocy??? She calls a great leader like Netanyahu a scumbag, but Sunflower Chong is the scumbag!!!! She continues to talk about a second creaming AND A THIRD CREAMING, the stupid bitch!

If we gave her a creaming, she would be begging for mercy like you and your stupid boyfriend did…she is trying to make us look like bullies, but she isn’t suffering at all, that Chinese cunt! Zionist women could show her how to suffer total humiliation. You better take us seriously, you Chinese whore, and convince her to back off of the creaming lunacy!

And we better not see this e-mail published ANYWHERE! Because if we do, we are going to pay you a visit and shave that mop of Chinese hair until you are shiny bald. Maybe your longhaired Goyim boyfriend will like your head bald when you are sucking his cock like the stupid little whore that you are!

Zionist Women Forever

NOTE: This e-mail address will be deleted after this message is sent.



Hairdresser received an email from the 7 Happy American Zionist Bitches because they thought that I have given up. 🙂 This is the full, and very vile, e-mail that was sent:

The Evil Zionist Jews have been making life difficult for me on the blogs and this email is the PROOF! Now they have stopped me from using Facebook because I was constantly using it for mass emailing to get the truth out to my supporters and the Zionists are very unhappy with me.

“we wanted you to thank your whore, Geena, for convincing that slut, Sunflower, to back off the creaming video.”

“Is Sunflower enjoying how “smoothly” her idiot blogs are running….Hahaha! We knew that she would go to her knees and surrender her dignity to superior Zionist Jews and stop these creaming threats!”

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: sunfloweronherknees <sunfloweronherknees@yahoo.com>
To: “hair_dresser@yahoo.com” <hair_dresser@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2014 6:19 PM
Subject: Thank your whore, Geena, for us

Dear Miss Shampoo Head,

We know you enjoyed getting that feminine long hair “shaving cream shampooed” by our ladies’ Goyim Humiliation Team. Is your whore, Geena, still xxxxxxxyour xxxx? It was a lot of fun shoving the cream in your mouth and making you suck on the girls shoving their fingers in your mouthful of cream! You must have felt like a woman being forced to do that while the rest of us shampooed your head full of cream.

Anyway, Shampoo Head, we wanted you to thank your whore, Geena, for convincing that slut, Sunflower, to back off the creaming video. We noticed that she stopped talking about doing the creaming even after her stupid petition finally hit the number of signatures that she was crowing about getting and then have her Chinese head creamed again!

We knew that Geena could get her slutty Chinese girlfriend to stop threatening to receive and post a second, very tough creaming like we gave you two. In the end, that scumbag Sunflower was too vain,  and too proud of herself, and was a total hypocrite about her so-called “commitment” to her stupid cause!

Is Sunflower enjoying how “smoothly” her idiot blogs are running….Hahaha! We knew that she would go to her knees and surrender her dignity to superior Zionist Jews and stop these creaming threats! Speaking of that, does Sunflower get on her xxxxx and xxxx your xxxx like Geena does? She’s a whore like all the Asian bitches, and she would sound a lot smarter with a xxxx stuffed in her mouth.

Maybe you should xxxxx Shitflower in her xxx, just like we “gave it to her in her xxx” when we forced her to accept backing off the creaming. Thank Geena for her help the next time she is “on her knees” in front of you.

Hey Goyim, would you both like another humiliation shampoo? We’d be happy to accommodate both of you! Sunflower on her knees.

Zionist Humiliation Team

The above e-mail address will be deleted after sending this message



Dearest Sunflower,

All along, I also suspected something was wrong and now we know it’s true! Wow! How great was the idea by Hairdresser to investigate and find out what has happened to the petition. All of us thought the responses seemed awfully slow. I agree with Hairdresser that you must not reveal that you know what the Zionists are doing because that would cause them to shift to a new tactic that we would not know about. It is better to let them think that we are clueless and form our strategy around their ignorance of our knowledge.

Now, what should our next step be? What could you do that would cause them trouble? What is it that would hurt their credibility and cause them to become unpopular with others who are beginning to find their tactics abhorrent? What would make the Jew Bitches even more isolated and unpopular than they are now? Let’s both think about those questions and correspond with each other on ideas of what could make them powerless. Let me know what you think on these questions I have come up with and what ideas you can think of and I will do the same.

I am really disturbed that they are trying to stop you from having a voice to spread the word of what is really happening to the Palestinians and the terrible influence of the Evil Zionist Jews!

Love you,

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