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Why America Government is not trustworthy?

Why America Government is not trustworthy?

The whole world knows America’ shadow government is the Babylonian Joos but unfortunately the Americans still sleeping and this is the world dilemma:( Because when the Americans especially the American Jews are awaken the bloody Zionist Joos got no place to run and hide because they will be skin to death by the American Jews!

Former CIA Agent Makes a Shocking Statement that Will ROCK the Whole World…

Published on May 14, 2014

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ALSO Please note the COMMENT in the Video, I Meant Russian News Today, NOT Reuters.


CIA and DIA Documents on Noah’s Ark Found!! You Will Be Floored By What They Contain

Published on Jan 20, 2015

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For More Information See:
CIA Document:
DIA Photos:
Noahs Ark Another Location: http://www.viewzone.com/noahx.html


Inside Noah’s Ark!! Suppressed Footage!! 2014

Published on Nov 25, 2014

Chinese explorers stand by claim of Noah’s Ark find in Turkey
The Hong Kong-based team rebutted skepticism over their claims of finding Noah’s Ark in Turkey, though they said further research is needed to prove beyond doubt that they have located the fabled biblical boat. Two members of the search team that claims to have found Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey responded to skepticism by saying that there is no plausible explanation for what they found other than it is the fabled biblical boat that weathered a storm that raged 40 days and 40 nights and flooded the entire Earth.

Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) held a press conference April 25 in Hong Kong to present their findings and say they were “99.9 percent sure” that a wooden structure found at a 12,000-ft. elevation and dated as 4,800 years old was Noah’s Ark.
members of the Chinese-Turkish team stood by their finding.

“How can a ship be on a mountain?” Yeung Wing-cheung, one of six team members who entered the structure on Mount Ararat last October, told the Monitor today by telephone from Hong Kong.

“The only record of a wooden structure on Mount Ararat is Noah’s Ark,” Clara Wei, the team coordinator, also said today by telephone from Beijing. “So up to now I believe this is the most probable explanation. We don’t have another explanation.” Turkish officials from Agri Province, the location of Mount Ararat, also attended this week’s press conference in Hong Kong. Lieutenant governor Murat Güven and Cultural Ministries Director Muhsin Bulut, both provincial officials, believe the discovery is likely Noah’s Ark, according to the announcement posted on the team’s website.


The Real Noah’s Ark Found in Turkey: Phenomenon Archives Documentary (ReUpload)

Published on Jun 22, 2013

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Here is a website that shows more in depth awesome evidence for Noah’s Ark in Turkey;


Noahs Ark Found – The Original Noah s Ark Documentary – Ron Wyatt Documentary

Published on Sep 14, 2012

If you take an honest look at this video, you will see that the guiding force behind this could only have been of God (YHVH/Yahovaih/Yah). This was preserved and meant to be revealed at this time. Even the earth quake that split it down the medal for Ron to get samples, and dropping the earth from the outside. Only YHVH could have caused an earth quake to raise this boat up out of the ground just before Ron came to investigate it.
Any nay sayer, please take an honest look at this evidence.

WARNING: The following video deals with controversial subjects. The theories, opinions and beliefs expressed are not the only possible interpretation of the evidence. Viewers are urged to make a judgment based on all available information. Please educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions on the things that effect your life.
This video contains information that you may not know about, information that YOU WILL NOT KNOW ABOUT from mainstream media. This video has been uploaded because it contained INFORMATION THAT YOU ARE NOT BEING TOLD ABOUT, AND it is this information that YOU CANNOT MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS WITHOUT, period.

For more information about this video please visit the web site:

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