My American friends Geena & Hairdresser supported the Petition for a Palestinian Homeland and they were attacked in the latter part of 2011 by 7 Zionist Bitches and I took a Creaming to be in Solidarity with their public humiliation for supporting the Petition for a Palestinian Homeland. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/call-for-support-for-a-palestinian-state.html


It is only now after almost 3 years that Geena & Steve had the COURAGE to SPEAK UP because they see that I kept on going although I am all alone. I lost my job as a student supervisor because I have a Palestine blog and they believed I would be a bad influence on the ASEAN scholars. I kept on going even though my children are not on the same page with me. Why? Because this is a cause Worth Fighting For until the end of my life. And even if I am all alone in this world and even though I don’t feel belong, we are never alone when our sweet soul is with Almighty God always 🙂


Steve (he wanted to be called the Hairdresser) was my daughter’s friend. I sent a mass email and only Steve, the hairdresser, responded. He said he thought highly of me and praised me for my perseverance. I was so happy to hear from him but my daughter disapproved of me building this friendship with Steve, but I did not listen to her.

Steve was very supportive and edited my letters to the Senators because I want to be respected as my English is substandard. He did not allow me to use strong words to describe the Jews bad behavior (but Jew Creamer is different…he loves all the strong words about Netanyahu and Henry Kissinger 🙂 Unfortunately the 7 JEW BITCHES found out that Steve and Geena had sent mass emails to their clients and they went to Geena’s salon and punished her with a head creaming and threatened her that if she continued to support me, they will cut off her beautiful long hair until she is bald. They creamed Steve and threatened to shave his head bald because he has long hair too.

I was angry with Geena & Steve because they were afraid of the Jew Bitches, but they said if I get creamed then they will support me. Unfortunately, my daughter did not agree, so my friendship with Steve just went away. But my friend Annie email me, from time to time will, to check on me and see how I am feeling. Then one day she found a video of some American punishing a Jew Girl by creaming her and Annie sent the video to me to be posted in my blog to attract more visitors. At that time, I did not realize this Jew girl Judy stopped someone who was sponsoring a Petition for a Palestinian State at a University, so I thought it is not right to post her video, just because she is a Jew. So I did not post it until I was told why the Jew Girl got creamed.


From: Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com>
To: hairdresser<hair_dresser@yahoo.com>
Cc: annie apple <passitalongjane@hotmail
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014, 9:00 AM

Dearest Steve,

First I got to thank you for getting Annie to sign the Petition because without her I do not believe I could have gone so far. I was waiting for Steven to complete the http://worldharmonyday.com/ site before I write to you because I wanted you to see what I am trying to achieve. God is great because in my darkest moment I always have someone to lift me up and besides Annie now I got Steven an American has designed all my 3 blogs. I found him on google. http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/, http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/

I am writing to you now because I felt the timing is right for me to speak my mind in regard to our relationship. You know I was upset when YOU and Geena back off because of what the 7 Bitches did to both of you. I was disappointed with you and your tone because it seemed like I did someone wrong to both of you. And along the way you kept scolding me for my letters to the senators and I got to get Annie to edit before I give it to you. It was a tiring period at that time so I prefer to write it all by myself even the grammars and spellings were not correct. Well, in short, I could not take it anymore so we kind of lost contact:(

Then out of a blue, this creaming thing come out in the open and you told Annie if I got cream you will post yours and Geena videos on my blogs. Well, I did my part and now I am waiting for you to do your part. Annie & Jew Creamer supported me not just because of me but more so that SOMEONE MUST RIGHT A BIG WRONG TO THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE. THE WORLD MUST SAY VERY VERY SORRY TO THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE and as I am writing to you my eyes is teary for them:(

I sincerely hope you and Geena can pour your heart out in regard to what had happened to both of you so that the people will understand why we must not allow the Zionist Jews to bully the world anymore and it starts with all of us to have the courage to fight back with grace and dignity.

Thank you very much for hearing me out and I do think of you often.

Let me do what I need to do for God first then after I will have plenty of time for my friends but for now my only focus it to FREE PALESTINE and if you are willing to come on board we will be very honored.

With all my love,                                                                                                                                                                                      Sunflower


On Thursday, March 27, 2014, 4:43 AM, hair dresser <hair_dresser@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I have missed talking to you and am glad that you have written. I appreciate that you speak your mind about us, and I think it is important that I be honest, too. I know Annie has been a big help to you, and, making sure you two knew of each other was my way of offering you another person who could not only help you, but also could be a friend to you and who felt about the Jews as you do (and I am now much closer to the way you see things).

I am very happy how everything has come together in your blogs, that you have found good help in the development of the Palestine and Poison Apple blogs and the new World Harmony Day site, too. When you were asking me to help you with editing what you had written, I was not comfortable with how strongly you wanted to word everything and was worried you would alienate the very people you want to believe what you write. I know it seemed like scolding and I should have let your style be as it is, and not try to change you, and for that I am sorry. At the same time, you were overwhelming me with so much material, I was having trouble keeping up. So, to be absolutely honest, after you knew Geena and I were so completely creamed and humiliated, it felt to me like you weren’t too concerned about us, and you were kind of using us for your purposes (without caring how difficult it is to be publicly humiliated) and especially how much you were taking me for granted for proofreading the volumes of letters you were writing to senators and for your blogs.

Now as to the creaming you took and our videos, as long as we are being honest about everything :-),…….I am sure Annie will agree that I was very specific in what I asked you to do, and you did not take 3 cans of cream as Geena and I did, you did not have to sit there getting scrubbed for as long as we did, and so on. You didn’t really keep up your end of the bargain, sweetheart, even though Geena volunteered to be creamed for the instructional videos we made so that you would be sure to get it right.

Now, I understand it was difficult for you to do it easily, but you didn’t really hold up your end as requested, but I will still do MOST of what I promised for you because I do love you and support you. Last thing to say, and it IS important, darling Sunflower, you went and posted the video links without telling me because I was going to hide them a bit better on YouTube, and the Jew Bitches saw that in your blog and complained to YouTube that they were “Anti-Semitic” and THAT spoiled our chance of posting them in your blog. I had to take them down because YouTube has a very sophisticated monitoring system. So I am sorry that you feel let down but you jumping to do it yourself caused the problem….I am not “scolding you”, I am just telling you what Annie already knows.

OK, now I do SUPPORT YOU and the cause, and I feel much more as you and Annie do about the ZIONIST JEWS and their hateful ways, so your strong wording no longer bothers me at all! 🙂 And, I will try to support you and the blogs, so I am going to send you the full humiliating story of my creaming AND pictures you can use to demonstrate my humiliation at the hands of the Jew Bitches…AND there will be something coming about Geena, but you will have to give me some time, OK? Annie knows there is “more” and I am working on your creaming video, but it is very difficult because of the format it was recorded in.

I continue to be threatened by the Jew Women Gang and so does Geena, but I think you already saw part of an e-mail I received from them….you have no idea of some of the FILCH they have written to me and Geena….they are disgusting bitches. I do hope we can be close again as I surrender my dignity to you for public display to prove how much I love and support you.

Love to you  both,                                                                                                                                                                                      Steve


On Friday, March 28, 2014, 9:05 PM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Steve,

Let us put the past behind and move forward with a positive outlook on the world. I have to do what I believe is God’s purpose for me in this world. So no one can and will stop me moving forward on the Liberation of Palestine even though I am only an individual. I always move on and maybe I will share this personal tragedy with you that I HAVE BROKE OFF MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY DAUGHTER because of WHD VISION!

She wanted to host WHD this year and to cut the story short she wanted WHD to support the North Korea escapees, so I said if that is the case, then why not have WHD stand for the Palestinian’s to be granted a homeland. There was a heated argument and, without my knowledge, on 20 Feb 2014, she hosted World Humanity Day instead of World Harmony Day. I saw this as a sign that I am free to steer WHD in the right direction. THE PAIN IS THERE AND REMAINS THERE AS I WRITE TO YOU!

So the new WHD site you see came at a very Heavy Price. In fact, my whole journey has not been easy and the saddest thing is if the great movement can happen, I will be the most lonely person in the world because all my close family is not around me. Now I am making an effort to spend more time with my 92 years old mother. I want her to understand why I am standing with the Palestinians. I reminded her in the late 60’s she had said that UN cannot give Israel a state because there must be rule of law, and that in time, when Indonesia is financially strong, they will take back their territories in the ASEAN nations. Most ASEAN nations belonged to the Gaja Mada time of the King of Indonesia. She loudly questioned how can the Jews used the bible to claim a state, but these countries can claim back their territories based on the facts of HISTORY.

When you love Almighty God with all your heart, I believe you will know how to do the right thing for fairness, justice and to firmly retain the foundation of our beliefs even though in the world of capitalism, these values are cast aside due to greed and fear. I often wondered why do the people fault me and are angry with me for standing by the Palestinians? Like my oldest brother did, when I asked him to sign the petition, and he shouted at me ,”Sun, President Obama cannot help the Palestinians to have a homeland, who are you to believe you can do it! And you know the Jews they are cunning they will argue WE ARE JEWS AND JERUSALEM START WITH JE, so sound Jew so Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel!”

What utter rubbish my brother was saying! My son said that I am getting more and more ridiculous. My daughter said that she could not believe a beautiful woman like me sitting in front of the computer could have so much venom for the Jews:( My son was afraid my passion will destroy my daughter bright future.

As for not doing exactly what you wanted for my creaming, you must remember you got very long hair and Geena also has long and thick hair. But my hair is not that thick and just one can of shaving cream already filled my whole head, so that was why the young student refused to put more cream. What could I do if he refused to add more cream, so I just leave it. It was so stressful to get this creaming job done and I was so happy when it was over:) Yes, I tried put myself in your and Geena shoes, and I know both of you went through a lot.

You do what you believe is best to support this cause. We have written a letter to the ex-Congresswoman and I hope she will get back to us that she will support our cause.

Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sunflower



From: GG
Subject: Re: Home coming
To: “Sunflower Chong” <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, June 1, 2012, 12:52 PM


That is about People NOT SAVING THE WORLD. BUT HELPING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. They do not have illusions of grandeurs or delusions. They are hardworking and smart people and they are Humble and don’t Force their ideas and shove it down people’s throats. Instead THEY SHARE

On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 12:49 PM,

Dearest Mother,

Speak to you on Sunday. Seems like there is a lot on your mind. And Please all this Zionist stuffs and videos HAVE ALREADY BEEN ON LINE FOR AGES. The time when I was 19 and I was already reading stuff like that. Please don’t get sucked in like a cult and all. People post shit up all the time. Uneducated, unaware and looking for someone to blame. And please be careful when you CROSS THE ROAD. Let that be a lesson to be more aware and Please be careful.


On Fri, Jun 1, 2012, at 11:52 AM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Oh, maybe I should tell you this too about what almost happened to me last Sunday when I went to see my brother on the way crossing the pedestrian crossing which was on the green light a car just ran past me and I was just 2 feet away. The people from the opp side were shocked so was I. But it was my fault too because I did not look on the right like my teacher told us to do. I was so deep in thought trying to find a way to dismantle the Zionists. I have written the first letter to Obama and I needed to give him another so my mind very busy. After this incident happens instead to give it to Obama I had written to Senator John McCain. Many emails from Senators I still have not reply to them but I feel I need to write this one http://dearmmlee.wordpress.com/category/barack-obama-2012/the-world-needs-america-to-wake-up-before-it-is-too-late/

If got to leave this world I just want to let the world know we must care for our one world because my teacher told us so. No point to protect our children in this Sick world, how much can you protect them so my remedy it we got to fix this world first and that is to save our soul and to have the consciousness? I got to thank you very much for pushing or forcing me to start the dearmmlee blog it really free my soul and every morning I go see how many people view my blog and got people read I am so happy but the irony is my son and daughter got no interest to read it:(

If you do not see me anymore always remembered I am very proud of you and I am so happy that you have found JAMES. Just talk cannot do big thing never mind but you have each other and share the same aspiration. This to me is just wonderful:) You see I also cannot do big thing but I still talk talk but talk only in my brain and almost run down by a car how sad:( I really missed those times at Teck Whye coffee shop with you talking about the world’s problems and I never forget what you said, “Mama wherein the world got a mother and daughter talk about the world in the middle of the night?” These are all the precious memories which are my wealth in life besides the wonderful cards  I had received on my birthday and mother’s day:)

Love you and miss you very much,



This was what my daughter’s friend said at the last paragraph,

“Auntie can go on campaigning. Her cause is just and sincere. But Auntie must also realize that the best way to help, is not simply to write letters to US Senators – who already have a mountainful of problems on their political plates – but to help the Palestinians by joining international aid groups campaigning for welfare and human rights. The Senator would probably reply courteously, with some niceties. But they would act on it only when they feel it is time. I’m sure your mum knows about KONY2012. It’s an activist group that is proliferated and propagated through social media. Their problems notwithstanding, it proved to be quite a success. Perhaps Auntie can consider starting something like that, through FB and Twitter, with like-minded activists. Her blog is too small, too unpublicized to do much, effectively. Start from the ground up. This is true activism for the people, by the people.”

Read your mother’s letter to the Senator. First, let me say that I’m no expert on Israeli-Palestinian affairs. I’ve read a reasonably adequate amount to be able to carry out an engaging conversation, but I don’t think I know enough to comment on it professionally. Second, I do think that your mum’s letter is a tad bit too long! Senators are busy people and I would suppose they prefer letters that cut to the chase, precise, concise, short.

As for the tone, perhaps your mum would find it more appropriate not to emote so much. I can see her indignation and frustration at this never-ending tussle, but a letter to a US Senator needs a better temperament, for want of a better word.

I don’t think Netanyahu would bomb Iran; there is too much too risky in the Middle East if he does so. The stability of the entire region would be subject to further threat, and I don’t think the US nor Israel nor any of the other Middle Eastern country would want that. Imagine the phenomenal spike we would see in oil prices if that were to happen! That said, Netanyahu would be tempted to do so if Iran continues to misbehave. But till then, all the world powers, even China and Russia who have interests in Iran would do all they can to contain it. In other words, I don’t think your mum needs to bring that up.

The Jewish Question is a very very complicated one. You are talking about 6000 years of biblical history/ Torah history. I say biblical/Torah history because this is the version of history that belongs to the Jews. Once God is in the picture, it becomes near impossible to break even. The Americans cannot but support Israel because of the sheer number of Jewish businesses, Jewish lobby groups and powerful Jews in America! Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt (Google), Howard Shultz (Starbucks), Steven Spielberg, Natalie Portman (Hollywood) – just to name a few. Even Obama, with the presence of some progressive Jews like Ram Emmanuel in his cabinet, cannot but capitulate. Obama started out extremely for an independent Palestinian state; he even offended Netanyahu before just by his initial refusal to budge when it came to the redrawing of border lines. But today, his policy on Palestinian statehood is waning. There is just too much pressure domestically. Your mum needs to realize that.

Bringing in the Nazis is also something highly sensitive! I agree that the Jews are unloving, imperious, brow-beating thuggish assholes, but to suggest that they have any relation, however remote to the Nazis is to commit political suicide! Imagine the repercussions! Auntie must bear this in mind!

Your mum also says that the world is a “pragmatic one”, not a “religious one”. Yes, ideally. But religion is power. People would just as much die for it as they would live for it. The point here, for all of us, is to deal with it. For the Jews, this belief in the Promised Land as their rightful, God-given home, is no longer a subjective issue but a very real one, both in terms of politics AND policy.

I’m not against Palestinian statehood, but on the same note, I think it might be a tall order, a feat that would be immensely hard to achieve. Israel won’t let. And the Palestinians do not have the political nor the economic infrastructure to see it through, successfully, even if they manage to gain independence. I’ve been there, both to Israel and Palestine, and the difference is more than a few worlds apart.

If auntie wants to continue with the letters she should focus on the Palestinian people. Their plight and poverty, instead of going do much into big political issues.

Auntie can go on campaigning. Her cause is just and sincere. But Auntie must also realize that the best way to help, is not simply to write letters to US Senators – who already have a mountainful of problems on their political plates – but to help the Palestinians by joining international aid groups campaigning for welfare and human rights. The Senator would probably reply courteously, with some niceties. But they would act on it only when they feel it is time. I’m sure your mum knows about KONY2012. It’s an activist group that is proliferated and propagated through social media. Their problems notwithstanding, it proved to be quite a success. Perhaps Auntie can consider starting something like that, through FB and Twitter, with like-minded activists. Her blog is too small, too unpublicized to do much, effectively. Start from the ground up. This is true activism for the people, by the people.




Dear MM Lee,


I wish you the best of health. On 28 November 2011, I wrote to you with regards to the Palestinian people’s struggle for a homeland  http://www.dearmmlee.com/palestinians-need-our-support/ Today I am writing to seek your permission to allow World Harmony Day platform to rally for the LIBERATION of PALESTINE. http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/palestinian-declaration/

Your wisdom inspires me. When my teacher said that if the world does not care for the Palestinian people, then Palestine will disappear from the map of the World, I knew that you could guide me in my quest to help the Palestinians. I’m sure you would not want that to happen to the poor Palestinian people because you fought tooth and nail for our beloved Singapore and hence you must be able to feel their pain and sorrow.

Without Singapore we are nothing, and thanks to you, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, we stand tall in the eyes of the world. Similarly, without Palestine, the Palestinians have been treated worse than poorly treated livestock in their own country by Zionist Israel. I hope you can give the Palestinians your support by allowing us ordinary Singaporeans to play our part in striving for greater humanity, and we pray that is not too much to ask from our Singapore Government.

This was what President Obama said on December 2009 while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in his acceptance speech, “Let us reach for the world that ought to be — that spark of the divine that still stirs within each of our souls.” This was exactly what we were doing on World Harmony Day 2002, but unfortunately, due to the coming Iraq war, one of the Ministers turned our event upside down.


Our pure actions did not harm Singapore in any way and we hoped that they, in fact, enhanced our reputation as a nation in support of peace and harmony. We were so troubled that the authorities thought WHD members were terrorists in the making, it was heartbreaking. I am sure that after viewing the video, you will think otherwise.

Everyone who attended that night could feel that all the members’ souls were genuinely striving for greater humanity which is so necessary in our troubled times. And especially in these times when Zionist Israel is adamant in their desire to bomb Iran! On that night, the people had given us a thumbs up and asked us not to give up, no matter what! I don’t expect our government to give me the THUMBS UP, but I sincerely hope the government will allow us to support the Palestinian people’s struggle for a homeland. Silence is a crime and I do not want to be a criminal! And I hope you feel the same.

I believe now is the time that I can open my heart to you without reservation and my sixth sense tells me that you are ready to listen to me with an open heart because we cannot turn away anymore. My mother, Lim Soon Heng, said that Lee Kuan Yew is a reasonable man and he will listen if what we want to do is for the good of Singapore. Our foreign policy should not be one-way traffic, and as PM Lee Hsien Loong said, we must have the right politics and the right politics now are to change our mindset that the WEST is not our protector!! The right politics for me are to give the Palestinian people my full support that allows us to strive for greater humanity. Even the Good Israelis and American Jews are in agreement to give the Palestinians a Homeland, so why are we silent?

I sincerely hope the Singapore  Government can do more for Palestine, but even if we are not on the same page, please allow and support the caring Singaporeans like me to play our part because this is what is expected of us from Almighty God. I LOVE GOD VERY VERY MUCH so I must also obey God’s law which means JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL!

Your’s sincerely,
Chong Sun Wah


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