David Icke The Murder of Princess Diana The Truth About The Royal Family

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Watch “The Huge Secret That Princess Diana Knew”

Published on Apr 4, 2016

By: David Icke – From the book “The Biggest Secret”

This is only a fractional part of a very long document [Note: I’ve posted the full document.


about the parasitic murdering reptiles known as the Royal Family of England and what princess Diana discovered about them. Some people may find this totally unbelievable and shocking! Huge Secret Princess Diana Knew

There have also been questions about whether Diana is even buried on the island. In the Summer of 1998, the Star magazine in the United States quoted an unnamed “senior source” at Buckingham Palace as saying she was secretly cremated and according to a report in the Los Angeles Times some people in the village of Great Brington also don’t believe she is buried on the island. I know these reports are true from my own sources.

One resident quoted by the LA Times said that the night her coffin was taken to Althorp for burial, the village had been ‘invaded’ by the army, police and special forces units, and all the villagers were hustled into their homes. She said that the crematorium at the church was working late into the night. Betty Andrews, the former cook and housekeeper at Althorp, is quoted by Star magazine as saying:

“There’s a strange feeling amongst the villagers that we may not be hearing the complete picture”.

While researching this book I was introduced to Christine Fitzgerald, a brilliant and gifted healer, who was a close friend and confidant of Diana for nine years. Because of Christine’s understanding of the esoteric, Diana was able to talk to her about matters she would not dare to share with anyone else for fear of being dubbed crazy. It is clear that Diana knew about the true nature of the royal family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. Her nicknames for the Windsors were “the lizards” and “the reptiles” and she used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”. There is a very good reason for Diana using this description of the Windsors.

As her deprogramming continued, Arizona Wilder remembered clearly a ritual she attended at Clarence House, the Queen Mother’s home near to Buckingham Palace, in which Diana was shown who the Windsors really are. It took place in the first seven days of July 1981, just before Diana and Charles were married on the 29th.

This period is the last seven days of the cycle of the Oak Tree, according to esoteric law, and the ritual was called The Awakening of the Bride. This is a ritual for all females of the 13 bloodlines who are going to be in publicly high positions and marry reptilians to produce the new generation of rulers. Arizona says that the Queen Mother, the Queen, Prince Philip, Lady Fermoy, Diana’s father Earl Spencer, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were all present when Diana was brought into the room.


What the Royal Family Doesn’t Want YOU To See! Zion King [FULL]

Published on Aug 23, 2015

A documentary revealing the real story behind the British royal family and the revisionist mainline history taught in our education system.

This is a multi-clip series combined in a full three hour information packed video, enjoy!


BREAKING NEWS “The Downfall of the Vatican The Queen & The System”

Published on Feb 25, 2013

Recorded on 2/25/2013
Tonight on “The Truth Hour” BREAKING NEWS “The Downfall of the Vatican The Queen & The System” Join us tonight for an EXCLUSIVE Program… We have Kevin Annett from International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State to discuss todays GUILTY Verdict!!! Plus Tony Z, Kate of Gaia and special guest Santos Bonacci, they will be presenting breaking news regarding teleportation and secret projects… This is a show you don’t want to miss!!! See us live here at: http://qltelevision.com/index.php/mul… … for all of our previous programs visit our YouTube Channel: QL Television


Jordan Maxwell – The Queen of England Exposed

Published on Nov 11, 2012

Jordan Maxwell – The Queen of England Exposed

A breakdown of freemasonry the occult and the secret societies that rule out planet and control everything from the garbage they output on your TV to the garbage they print in your newspaper to the garbage they sell us and pass off as food, to the energy they use to control us whilst suppressing free energy devices. They control the drug cartels that sells us pills that dont heal us whilst suppressing anything that heals the human body. We will rid ourselfs of these parasites only by people becoming aware of there activities and how they operate.


Satanic Freemasons Keep Queen Alive! (CONFIRMED)

Published on Mar 5, 2013

Incredible images show Queens nurse sporting freemasonic emblems. The footage that the MSM tried to hide!!!


Queen Elizabeth II is a False Monarch Closely Related to The Rothschilds and The Vatican

Published on May 22, 2012

With a said accumulated wealth of 17 trillion dollars, Elizabeth could turn the world into paradise and still be filthy rich. But as this Germanic false monarchy are the reincarnations of their blood-lusting ancestors, the likes of Vlad the Impaler and Jack the Ripper, they have chosen a path of evil. Prince Charles thinks the slums of India would make a perfect model for future society. Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, wants to come back as a virus to wipe out humanity. Elizabeth, the custodian to the throne of the King of kings, has failed in her duty to bring wealth and healing to all the people of the earth. Her father King George VI told her to stand down when the Christ returned to claim his rightful throne, but she has failed to do so. Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall the reincarnated Christ served the Queen a proclamation to the throne in 2010. She is not the Queen but the Whore of Revelation, and the nations will come to hate the Whore. She is head and member of many secret societies and Luciferian organizations.


The Queen is a Reptilian who eats Human Babies & Children.V2 The Government run by Reptilians!!

Published on Feb 7, 2014

For those of you who did’nt get to watch our video, here is another version, enjoy !! 🙂

The Queen & the Royal Family are Reptilians who Sacrifice Human Babies, Children & Adults in Satanic Rituals!! They Cannibalize Human Flesh & drink Human Blood in Ceremonies passed down through the ages by the reptilian bloodlines.


Queen Elizabeth and the missing 10 children. Eye witness speaks out

Published on Jan 2, 2015

Many people in the know, are aware that the Monarchy are deep into the occult practices of Luciferianism / Freemasonry Which is the same as Satanism the more you get into it. But like the name occult means, its all hidden under a cloak of Christianity. And the facts are, if your high up in the pecking order, like the queen is, you need to make a sacrifice to Lucifer when he asks. Most rock singers are all in the same boat.

This is all true people. But it is all hidden from you. And it is my belief, that those 10 missing children either ended up as sex slaves or were sacrificed on an alter in a ritual to Lucifer.
People !!! You need to wake up to these evil wicked people, and see them for who they really are. Stop singing the queens stupid song, and stop worshipping them. Every time you sing G-D save the queen, long may she reign over us. Guess what ? He’s giving you what your asking for. So stop it. Who wants a family of inbred Satanists and child sacrificer’s ruling over us. ?

You see people, Satan is the god of this world, and he gives his power and authority to the Monarchy to rule his kingdom. In other words, Satan rules the world by-proxy through the Monarchy system. And most of our world leaders are related, so its all one big family ruling and owning everything that’s valuable. And they are not going to stop there. They want to control every part, of everyone’s life, and they are going to do it with a microchip or tattoo.
You must reject this at all costs. The RFID and Tattoo are the seeds of the mark of the beast.

Another thing!!! If you want to pray for our world leaders, just pray the lords prayer over them. That way, G-Ds will, will be done concerning them, not yours. Some people simply don’t belong to G-D, and all your prayers to save the antichrist and false prophet are just a waste of time. Many people say that I hate the Monarchy, because they are rich and powerful, and that I am jealous of them.

And my response is this. Don’t be ridiculous. I just hate the evil that they do, to obtain their riches. I hate how they have blinded the eyes of unsuspecting people. I hate how people worship them, more than G-D. But I don’t want any human being that G-D created to end up in hell. But that is beyond my control, so all I can do is warn you, to a little of what is going on behind the scenes. Jesus said in his time, that the Jewish rulers of his time, were of their father the devil. And the Monarchy are the ancestors of those very same people. So are you going to call Jesus / Yeshua a judgmental person. ?

Link below if you want to read the witness report, just in case you couldn’t understand the video.


Please Join the only common law court in the world. that is not controlled by the world’s corporate powers. Members and courts are in USA, Canada, England, Ireland, and soon Australia go to the following websites for information.


The Pope, The Queen And The Pedophile Ring Of Power, Exposed ! Bill Maloney

Published on Mar 5, 2012

The queen and Phillip stole 10 children from a residential school in Kamloops B.C in 1963, on a `private visit’….Those children were never seen again! The more we get this out and shed light on these horrific travesties…the more we can end this.

Uploaded by freedombiteback on Aug 10, 2010

The Children are the future. STOP CHILD ABUSE NOW!
For further details on Maloney’s controversial films and documentaries visit: http://www.pienmashfilms.com

Comments by Combat:
Obama is most likely the False Prophet (the 12th Imam)

I DO NOT support, encourage, or approve of violence and in no way do I wish ANY HARM to come to AMERICA’S PRESIDENT (even though he’s just an Occupant at the White House!) nor to THE NAZI FREEMASON PEDOPHILE POPE either!
Queen Pope Face Courts for Crimes Against Humanity Part 1 to 3

This is only a study of Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the current events we see unfolding in our world.

and Pietro Parolin is most likely THE Antichrist

Barack HUSSEIN Obama might work with that man because if there would be a false flag operation occurring like for instance an important US city nuked
before the elections, then Barry Soetoro could remain “President” of the United States Corporation.

This Continent is so evil, it’s unreal.

Petrus Romanus The Final Pope Is Here


Royal Family and UK Government Pedophiles Exposed!

Published on Jan 19, 2015

This video is sponsored by Preppers Shop UK – http://www.preppersshop.co.uk/ – Prepare, Defend, Survive.
There are elite ViP pedophile rings that go to the very top levels of government and power.
This documentary is compiled and shared under the protection of the Fair usage allowance in Copyright law.
Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for majority of background music on my channel. – www.incompetech.com


Prince Philip a disgrace please follow links in the desciption reptile eyes,pedophile royals,nazis

Published on Nov 13, 2012

this man is a fraud and only has 1 agenda kill humanity and depopulate,please check the link out you will be shocked,connected to jimmy saville and other pedos,nazi lover and they arnt even english,the royal so called pedo family are riddeled in it and the queen is at the top with him,latest pope as well,pure zionist murderers.windsor is not there real name because they hide behind it, they own every thing.please look at his reptile eyes and also check out faceintree channel, we have woken up,no more slavery to this pile of scum.please check out the jersy island pedo ring that saville run for the so called queen. http://www.ccs-rochford.co.uk/spivey/…


Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth are paedophiles. Prince Philip drugs children before raping them

Published on May 27, 2014

Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth are paedophiles. Prince Philip drugs children before raping children. wake up


World Cup How the Illegal Paedophile Royal family had Jewish Rothschild Princess Diana murdered FULL

Published on Jun 11, 2014

Princess Diana a Jew and a Rothschild Steven Greer/Kerry Cassidy/Bill Ryan/Project Camelot/Alex Jones/Mark Dice/D…


ROYAL BABYLON: The Criminal Record Of The British Monarchy

Published on Oct 4, 2012

By Heathcote Williams.
Narration and Montage by Alan Cox.


Re-uploaded from http://www.youtube.com/user/MrCowshedder


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II not Real Heir to the Throne Full Documentary @Anonymous2Truth

Published on May 24, 2012

Shocking New DNA results https://Youtube.com/watch?v=UfjESqHHzco
of a Dead King has exposed the truth of the Queens Rightful Heir to the Throne

Although the Queen is descended from the Hanoverian kings, imported 300 years ago when the Stuart line failed with the death of the childless Queen Anne in 1714 and the Act of Settlement ensured that only Protestants could take the throne, the blood lines are entangled.

Been kept quiet but the secret of the Monarchy is it’s been German for 300yrs. http://documentaryvideosworld.com/The…


What the Royal Family Doesn’t Want YOU To See! Zion King ~ Part 1

Published on Apr 3, 2014
“RING Of POWER” Amenstop Productions
Well Who HAS HAD ENOUGH of seeing the pukes on our news media constantly, while the news cover ups OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS Eroding HERE IN AMERICA. This movie can be purchased at: http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/DVD-K…
The royals promote themselves as pure virginal royalty but what is the TRUTH. These people think that they are gods on earth and we are useless eaters. WAKE UP these people are not to be role models. DON”T BE SLAVES WORSHIPPING YOUR SLAVE OWNER. Worship the ONLY and True GOD: Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life and the only one to the Heavenly Father.

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