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Will Israel Assassinate Obama?

Will Israel Assassinate Obama?

Uploaded by drdduke on Jan 28, 2012

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Dr. David Duke
Edward Adler, the publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times in candor and chutzpah suggested that Israel assassinate the President of the United States to serve its war agenda against Iran. He states matter-of-factly in the article that Israels highest inner circles have certainly considered the operation. In 2009 I wrote an article for DavidDuke.com that stated that the biggest Zionist danger would be an assassination of Obama, which would propel their agenda and put the final nails in the coffin of American freedom. Now this Jewish extremist editor proves that my concerns were completely justified. This video is the ultimate expose’ of Zionist treachery and treason against America.


Obama Caught on Hot Mic Trashing Netanhayu Behind Israeli Leader’s back: Sarkozy, “I cannot stand him. He is a liar.” Obama replied: “You’re fed up with Netanyahu, but I have to deal with him every day!”

What a vile embarrassment our stooge in the White House is. We expect this from the French — they partied with the Nazis after they marched into France. But this? It’s official: Obama is a scumbag.

He is lethal to liberty and to our allies in freedom. Could America sink any lower under this president? Don’t answer that.


Report: Sarkozy calls Netanyahu ‘liar’ YNET news (hat tip Katherine)

Microphones accidently left on after G20 meeting pick up private conversation between US, French presidents. Sarkozy admits he ‘can’t stand’ Israeli premier. Obama: You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly told US President Barack Obama that he could not “stand” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and that he thinks the Israeli premier “is a liar.” According to a Monday report in the French website “Arret sur Images,” after facing reporters for a G20 press conference on Thursday, the two presidents retired to a private room, to further discuss the matters of the day.

The conversation apparently began with President Obama criticizing Sarkozy for not having warned him that France would be voting in favor of the Palestinian membership bid in UNESCO despite Washington’s strong objection to the move.


און דה רקורד. האתר שהדליף את השיחה בין שני הנשיאים


Arret sur Images (Screenshot)


The conversation then drifted to Netanyahu, at which time Sarkozy declared: “I cannot stand him. He is a liar.” According to the report, Obama replied: “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”


The remark was naturally meant to be said in confidence, but the two leaders’ microphones were accidently left on, making the would-be private comment embarrassingly public.

Read the rest and weep.

– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2011/11/obama-caught-on-hot-mic-trashing-netanhayu-trash-talk-behind-israelis-leaders-back-i-cannot-stand-hi.html/#sthash.wOPZyfzH.dpuf

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