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Zionism ~ What the World Needs To Know

Zionism ~ What the World Needs To Know

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The Jewish Conspiracy. This is the truth, Zionists cannot deny this. All quotes are from real and authentic Jewish texts.
Watching this video will possibly make it easier for you to comprehend why the situation is as it is in the middle east, why the things that happen in Gaza and the Palestinian ‘territories’ are allowed to happen.
The sad thing is that despite the facts in this video, the West continues to support Israel and helps forward the Zionist movement.






…the list goes on and on, and frankly, I cannot keep up with the plethora of sources to evidence the texts.
Check the quotes yourself…

If you disagree with anything here, let’s talk…



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pendudukan israel di palestin

Zionism Israel must be exposed to the World

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See the real face of Israel.

Total Control of United States (FULL MOVIE) The Israel Lobby 

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Who Controls America? http://thezog.wordpress.com/

THE ISRAEL LOBBY [no narrator version]

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Must watch full documentary on the conflict in the middle-east and US foreing policy.

Complete documentary Walt Mearshimer.

Reflections on Zionism and other Matters



Breaking Israel/Palestine Silence. Reflections on Zionism and other Matters

Breaking Israel/Palestine Silence
April 5 2012
Reflections on Judaism and Other Matters

I keep trying to understand and explain to myself and others my attitudes to Jews in general, Zionists and Israelis. Those of you who have read my blogs will know of my Jewish relations through marriage and my close sympathy to Jewish history. The biggest question that many people ask me is why I concentrate on criticising the policies of the State of Israel and the Zionists lobbies when crimes and misdemeanours are committed by so many other countries. The only answer I can give is that it is precisely because of my Jewish connections and sympathies. I expect so much more social and political morality from Jewish people. Every time I read books, articles or see documentaries or films on the Holocaust I am distressed all over again as I was as a young boy just after the second World War.

I have also recognised my repetition of facts and history in my pursuit of exposing the truth on IDF atrocities, the false liberalism espoused by so many neo-cons and fellow travellers prepared to lie, lie and lie again to defend the indefensible and ignore the bleeding body of Palestine.

I have recognised the brutalities and murders of Hamas and Hezbollah.
I have asked time and again about the use of language.

No IDF soldier, whatever the nature of his or her crime is ever called a terrorist either by the Israelis or in the British or American press or media.

Missiles, drones and phosphorus bombs can rain down on defenceless people but never directed by terrorists only Defence Forces.

Mourid Barghouti captures the truth in his book I Was Born There I Was Born Here;

“Three or four generations of Palestinians have only seen a Jew in a helmet, in khaki with his finger on the trigger. They’ve seen him as a sniper, an officer in a tank….”

He could be writing of the ignorant Aaronovitch and his fellow thugs when he writes that many times he has been asked, “by western journalists who maintain a studied and malign blindness to the Occupation whether Palestinian people are really ready to co-exist with Jews…I reply we have co-existed with them for hundreds of years and that it is Europe that reproves us …that couldn’t co-exist with them and sent millions mercilessly to the Holocaust”

I find it intensely insulting to have my concerns for Palestine to be turned into accusations of ant-semitism. I also find it painful to read the banalities, week after week on the pages of of the Jewish Chronicle and web sites and the mendacious defences of the behaviour of Israel.

A sort of phony, false paranoia is expressed in what passes for ironic, amused terms or concocted anger, as I have demonstrated on this blog, by the likes of Aaronovitch, Anthony Julius, Burchill, Hoffman, Phillips, Finklestein.

The pretence that no such thing as a Jewish or Zionist lobby exists is palpably untrue.
How many British voters know that their M.P is a member of  Labour Friends of Israel or Conservative Friend of Israel?

How many know that Blair and Brown were involved with the Jewish National Fund, an infamous almost clandestine organisation, operating as a charity which dispenses millions of pounds to Israel and has been assisting them in stealing Palestinian land for over sixty years?

What chance is there of dealing with groups of people in Britain, the USA and Israel who blindly follow the Zionist party line, whether based on religion or politics ?

Ben Gurion to Haganah commanders in 1948
“The cleansing of Palestine remained the prime objective of Plan Dalet. You will attack and cleanse Tirat Haifa, Ayn Gaza,l Ijzim, Kfar Lam, Jaba, Ayn Hawad and Mazar”

Aaron David Gordon
“Our religion is not like the religion of the European peoples, of alien origin but is the  the creation of our national spirit We have a historical right to the land”

Menachem Begin 1948
“The foundation has indeed been laid, but only the foundation for true independence. One phase of our battle for freedom, for the return of of all the people of Israel to its homeland, for the restoration of the entire Land of Israel to a People who have made a covenant with God has now come to an end …whoever does not recognise our natural right to our entire homeland does not recognise our right to any part of it…the soldiers of Israel will yet unfurl our flag over David’s Tower in Arab Jerusalem”.

Likud Election Manifesto 1977
“The right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel is eternal and is an integral part of its right to security and peace…between the Sea and Jordan there will be Jewish sovereignty alone

Ruth Wise Harvard Professor
Palestinian Arabs are people who breed and bleed and advertise their misery

Noam Chomsky
Israeli lorries have been scooping up truckload after truckload of fertile Lebanese top soil and taking it to Israel

Arnold Soffer Professor of Geography at Haifa University
in The Jerusalem Post May10 2004
“So if we want to remain alive we have to kill and kill and kill.  All day every day…if we don’t kill we will cease to exist”.

This just a small selection from my archives representing the kind of racist and bigot haters we have to deal with.

Finally we have had staying with us whilst learning English a most charming Moroccan  girl of 24.

She speaks Arabic and French.

She travelled to Paris just after the murder of Jewish children and Muslim soldiers in Toulouse.

Her mother called from Rabat and pleaded with her to be careful and not to speak Arabic
She witnessed whilst in Paris a Muslim being attacked and screamed at for the murder of Jews.

I hope Danny Finklestein and the gang will read this and reflect.
Sadly I do not think they are capable of such reflection.

David Aaronovitch. A Suitable Case for Treatment. More news from The Trench

Breaking Israel/Palestine Silence
April 26 2012

The Iraqi Armchair Brigade
From The Trench somewhere in Hampstead
The Cap’n Aaronovitch, Commanding Officer.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, armchair war veteran
DannytheFink        Corporal
Denis MacShame   Major retd. Computer Expert
Julia Hobspawn      Private
Julie Bigot Berk              Propaganda Chief
Jonathan Hoffwit    Assistant to Bigot Berk
Chas OffKey Berkden Unclassified as yet
Apologies for absence from Nick Cohen and Lippy Lipman. He is undergoing treatment for facing both ways, The Janus Syndrome. She is in Israel buying up real estate for the day when Jews are hounded from Britain.

The Informant (Full Jewish) has been reporting that the Trench has become a major development.

I was able to be with him last week and must say I was astonished at the size of the encampment and new developments. It is fortunate the job has been completed for the time being as very soon all dark peoples will be incarcerated in a vast detention block in the Negev desert.

The Israeli fascist language unit has already been rolled out.

The Knesset has ruled and passed a bill categorising anyone attempting to enter Israel through its southern border from a “hostile state” as an “infiltrator“.

Since Israel signed the refugee convention in 1949 a total of 170 refugees have been granted refugee status. The Israeli Knesset must be reading Mein Kampf.

Barbed wire and concrete posts are installed at all points with special antennae.
When even lightly touched a voice booms out “As a Jew”, followed by “Gentiles sighted on the perimeter. Lookout for Big Ears”.

Bigot Berk did the warm- up sneer exercises. New recruit OffKey Berkden was quite splendid, even getting a round of applause. Apparently OffKey is a close friend of Bigot Berk and there is a rumour they have written a book together. So far I have been unable to trace it.

OffKey has an enviable reputation for being able to absorb endless drivel from fanatic Zionists.

Bigot Berk revealed that The Gentile attack had been a clever ruse by her to get the Brigade alert and ready for when it really happens. “Don’t get sloppy. The streets are full of ant-semites. Ask Nick”.

Hoffwit was warmly congatulated for his latest lies.
Surpassing even his Marmara report he had written in The Jewish Chronicle that the Colonel dismissed by Netanyahu for smashing his rifle into the face of a Dutch cyclist had previously been grievously beaten and his fingers broken by Dutch brutality.
It is believed twigs had been used by the thugs.

Major MacShame was pleased to announce his purchase of another computer making it fifty in all now.

He told the assembled company he was pleased with the turnout and thought it a good idea The Cap’n and DannyTheFink had purchased larger short trousers and Private Hobspawn a slightly longer gymslip.

The Cap’n then gave an up to date resume of his priesthood application.
You may recall his DNA results have convinced him he is descended from Aaron, Moses’s brother.

This produced lots of raised eyebrows even from his devoted acolyte, DannytheFink
The Cap’n is desperate to escape from his Half Jewish state.

His confession to me that he knows nothing of Israeli politics is not helping his cause.

His case may take a long time he has been told, involving The Chief Rabbi no less.

As The Cap’n is on record (not that that means anything to him) as being an atheist, more problems loom.

The Cap’n is a member of an amateur dramatic group, The Great Pretenders and so is taking a great interest in the Habima controversy.
Apparently the Fork Tongued arch hypocrite Howard Jacobsen goes along to some of The Cap’n’s productions which include The Importance of being Me and A Streetcar named David.

His next project is to build a clay figure of a Golem in the entrance to the theatre to protect the Jews of Hampstead and Golders Green from harm.

He also has an idea for a new play, The Merchant Of Canary Wharf.

Bigot Berk laughed off as did Hoffwit the fears of Hobspawn (who is after all the child of a distinguished left wing historian) that too many foreign powers are criticising Israel, even their paymaster, the USA.

The recent stealing of land has produced criticism from the UK, French, Dutch, Germans and Jordan as well as the EU and UN.

Hard to disagree with her and Hoffwit that it will not make an iota of difference.

I enjoy writing this light hearted parody of these pathetic human beings.

But I don’t just find them pathetic, I find them guilty of adding and creating more hatred into this world.

I don’t know them personally and only know anything about them through their writings and pronouncements. It is already too much information.

I wonder if they ever ponder their roles in urging war against Iraq and Afghanistan, if they ever feel guilty about supporting a colonialist racist state that has subjugated and destroyed the lives of countless Palestinians, many still living in refugee camps. Some of them lost family in the Holocaust.

Why cannot they see the reflections of Nazi behaviour in Israeli actions and hasbara?
What would they say to the Israeli farmer leaning on a fence who spat on the ground and said,

“I live in a mad country. So let’s show the world we are mad, dangerous beasts, not quite sane.
We must intimate that we will, if we have to, burn oil fields, drop nuclear bombs, torture and maim. Then the goys will know they must tread softly or we will lash out from our lairs like crazy dogs.
That’s all that is necessary..then they will act carefully around us so as not to anger the wounded animal”

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