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Zionist Israel Must Be Exposed To The World

Zionist Israel Must Be Exposed To The World

Published on May 24, 2012 by OurGamehenge

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See the real face of Israel.

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Zionist Israel is the real rogue nuclear state. Americans need to wake up and realize that they’ve been lied to by the Israeli Zionist media. This video of the Zionist controlled state of Israel is as relevant today as it was in 2009.The Palestinians have suffered tremendously under this rouge regime and now they are pushing for a war with Iran which will have major consequences for the world. It’s time to wake up to the lies and manipulation of Zionist Israel.

ZIONISTS/ISRAEL control the US entirely

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Money & Power: Controls American Media and Politicians

Do Zionists Control Wall Street? The Shocking Facts!


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Due to organized efforts to stifle free speech and ban my videos —

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The Zionist efforts to block my videos are relentless. They want to keep the world from learning the truth.

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Dr. David Duke
Teacher Patricia McAllister was crucified for daring to simply say outloud that Zionists controlled Wall Street while helping in an Occupy Wall Street demo in Los Angeles. She was fired for simply telling the truth. LA talkshow host Bill Handel said on his show just a few days earlier, quote, “My Tribe Controls Wall Street why should I be upset about that?” Of course, he wasn’t fired because he is part of the tribe that runs the media.
So, what are the facts? This video lays out the facts of the Zionist control of Wall Street and International finance like nothing else!
Help give this video to the world!

EXPOSED This is how Israel controls your media EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS

Uploaded by 91177info2 on Sep 29, 2010

Once you have watched this all should be clear to you! Always question the MSM and why their news is being reported. There is always an agenda and there is always censorship and manipulation of your thoughts.

This is a reupload from my 91177info account which was originally uploaded from TheParadigmShift’s channel-


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Former CIA Officer Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media


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Former CIA Officer Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media


Record Numbers of Jews in U.S. Government http://is.gd/cqsjS Proof Israel Did 9/11 http://is.gd/aZ9uH & http://is.gd/bXUhi Network With Sal http://is.gd/bCEOq Elite Health & Home Products http://is.gd/bCXuW


Israel Attacked The USS Liberty


Jeff Gates: Making Treason Transparent


American Tax Dollars Fund Israeli War Crimes


Righteous Jews Reject Zionism


Criminal State / Veterans Today Promo Video


How AIPAC Subverts America From Within


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